How Does John Deere Precision Agriculture Technology Support Planting Season?

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With precision agriculture, farmers are able to get more out of their land and optimize their operations. Are you looking to maximize your yields and ensure there’s no overlap or missed spots? Precision agriculture technology is here to support planting season and help you get the most out of your time and row crop operation.


John Deere Precision Ag Technology


How does precision agriculture equipment help me when it is time to plant?

With the addition of some of the latest agriculture technology, you can rest assured that you are running your operation effectively and efficiently.

Precision technology is designed to help ensure you are planting your fields at the proper rates without overlap or gaps. This technology is ideal for all seasons as you can merge your maps to see how your coverage results in different yields.


Which technology solutions are ideal for planting?

With the use of John Deere planter technology solutions, you can work to maximize yield, reduce overlap, and more! Explore what each of these options can offer your operation.

  • AutoTrac™ - AutoTrac™ uses GPS technology to ensure you are planting your property in its entirety and not missing or overlapping any coverage. The integrated steering kit allows you to:
    • View planting map to ensure no gaps.
    • Use planting maps to track where each seed number is planted.
    • Compare planting maps to harvest maps for accurate yield information.
  • SeedStar™ - See real-time planter performance and seed placement from the cab with SeedStar XP, the latest version of SeedStar™. Features of this monitoring system include: 
    • Seed singulation and seed spacing monitoring
    • Row-unit downforce monitoring and adjustment
    • Row-unit ride quality monitoring
    • Complete row-unit and performance monitoring
    • Split-screen applications for guidance (AutoTrac™) and planting
  • RowCommand™ - RowCommand™ is here to help you get the most out of your planter at the right seeding rates. This individual row control system empowers you to:
    • Control seed output.
    • Reduce overplanting.
    • Work towards reducing yield drag.
    • Improve harvest capabilities.
  • ExactEmerge™ - If your planting window is only days instead of weeks, the ExactEmerge™ Row Units can get you in and out of the field quickly and accurately. Benefits of ExactEmerge™ include:
    • Brush belt delivery system drops seeds precisely into the trench with little to no ‘rolling.’
    • Enabling accuracy at any planting speed.
    • With higher productivity and more accurate spacing.
    • Yield potential will improve.


Does precision agriculture technology make planting more accurate?

Absolutely! With the use of AutoTrac™ and RowCommand™ you can make sure you are planting at the optimum rates, without overlap. With RowCommand™ the planter will automatically shut the rows off as you reach an area that has already been planted. With the addition of AutoTrac™ you are able to make sure you haven’t missed any spots in the field. Combining these features allows you to ensure proper coverage of your field without the costly expense of overlap costs.


Koenig Equipment Precision Ag Technology


Where can I find precision agriculture solutions for planting?

At Koenig Equipment, we work to stay up to date on all the latest planter and precision agriculture technology. Our team of Precision Specialists are here to help ensure our customers are aware of all the technology that John Deere and Koenig Equipment have to offer. With the use of modern precision agriculture technology, our customers can optimize their operations seamlessly!