How Do I Choose the Right Harvest Equipment for My Operation?

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How Do I Choose the Right Harvest Equipment for My Operation? | Koenig Equipment

Whether you’re harvesting wheat, corn, or soybeans; the equipment you choose makes a big difference in your operation’s efficiency and success. Continue reading to explore the various types of combines to choose from, key features to consider when selecting your equipment, and available performance upgrades for your existing machinery.


John Deere S series combines


What types of combines are available for harvest?

John Deere offers two series of combines, the S Series and the X Series.


John Deere S Series Combines

John Deere S Series Combines offer cutting-edge agricultural technology, like Combine Advisor™, which optimizes harvesting settings in real-time for varying crop conditions, and ActiveYield™, providing accurate yield data without manual calibration. With a superior threshing and separation system, the S Series Combine delivers exceptional grain handling and minimal loss, ensuring maximum returns.


John Deere X Series Combines

John Deere X Series Combines set a new efficiency and performance standard with their advanced technology. With its adaptable high capacity design, the X Series offers exceptional versatility, seamlessly transitioning between various crops without compromising yield or grain quality. Equipped with cutting-edge features like the ProDrive™ transmission and ActiveVision™ cameras, operators can experience unparallel control and visibility during harvesting.

The X Series Combines provides superior residue management and automated systems to ensure minimal downtime and increased efficiency. From the field to the grain tank, the John Deere X Series Combine proves to be the ultimate workhorse, delivering unmatched results for every farm operation.



What are the key features to consider when choosing harvest equipment?

Selecting the right harvest equipment goes beyond choosing a specific brand or model. It involves understanding the key features that align with your operational requirements. Each type of crop harvesting has slightly different elements to consider, but overall key features include crop type, size and capacity compared to your acreage, harvesting speed, and technology.


Wheat harvest equipment

Wheat is a vital crop grown globally, and the right equipment for its harvest is essential. When choosing wheat harvest equipment, consider the following:

  • Cylinder/Concave Adjustments: Look for combines that you can easily adjust the cylinder speed and concave clearance on the go. Proper settings of these features help ensure efficient threshing and minimize grain damage.
  • Chaff Management: Wheat straw and chaff can be challenging to manage. Combines with effective chaff spreaders or choppers can evenly distribute residues to reduce the risk of fire hazards and soil nutrient depletion.


Corn harvest equipment

Corn harvest requires specialized equipment to handle its unique characteristics. Consider the following when looking for corn harvest equipment:

  • Corn Head Type: The right corn head is crucial for an efficient harvest. The folding corn head makes transport between fields more efficient, reducing the need for an extra set of hands and a header cart.
  • Stalk Quality: Corn stalks can be challenging, which means harvesting equipment must be able to handle them without excessive damage. Look for features like chopping stalk rolls or stalk stompers to protect your equipment and help manage residue.


Soybean harvest equipment

Soybeans have specific harvest needs, and the right equipment can optimize your yields. Consider the following when selecting soybean harvesting equipment:

  • Flexible Platforms: Flexible cutter bars or draper platforms are excellent choices for soybean harvesting. They allow for better ground contour following, which helps to capture all the soybeans when harvesting in rolling terrain.
  • Reel Adjustments: A well-adjusted reel can reduce the risk of shattering pods and ensure smooth feeding into the combine to maximize the machine’s capacity.


What performance upgrades are available for my current harvest equipment?

If you own a John Deere combine, you may be interested in enhancing its performance. John Deere offers several performance upgrades to keep your equipment up to date with the latest technology and innovations. Some of the most popular upgrades to consider are:

  • Combine Harvest Smart™: This upgrade includes automation features like Harvest Smart™ Feedrate Control, which optimize your machine’s performance and reduce operator fatigue.
  • ActiveYield™: The ActiveYield™ upgrade allows your combines to calibrate its yield monitoring system automatically, providing accurate yield data for better agronomic decision-making.
  • ActiveVision™ Cameras: The addition of ActiveVision™ cameras provides operators with better visibility and monitoring of crucial areas around the combine, such as the grain tank, unloading auger, and clean grain elevator. This upgrade facilitates safer and more precise operation, reducing the risk of accidents and downtime.


Where can I find reliable combines and headers near me?

Choosing the right harvesting equipment is a critical decision for any agricultural operation. Koenig Equipment offers a complete lineup of new and used combines and combine headers. Contact your local Koenig Equipment, where our team of experts can help you find the right harvest equipment for your needs.



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