How Can I Use Ventrac Attachments to Make Landscaping Easier?

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Which Lawn & Garden attachments are available from Ventrac?

At Koenig Equipment, we are here to ensure you have the equipment you need to get your job done. With over 30 different attachments the Ventrac articulating compact tractor offers solutions to almost any job on the books.

Ventrac compact tractors have the ability to handle front and rear attachments to help you take on any task at home, the farm, or any other jobsite. No matter your landscaping dreams, Ventrac attachments make it easy to achieve the look you’re wanting.


Rough-Cut Mowers and Finishing Mowers

Whether you need the rugged durability of a rough-cut mower or the soft touch of a finishing mower, Ventrac has both options available as attachments. Use the rough-cut mowers to tackle your more difficult or tough vegetation areas. Don’t have rough vegetation and just need to mow your lawn? The Ventrac finishing mower attachment is perfect for the job.


Ventrac tractor koenig equipment turning


Over the Rail Mowers

Extend the reach of your cut with the over the rail mower attachments that Ventrac has to offer. When you’ve got a job that requires that little extra reach under something, these front-end mower attachments make easy work of it.


Snow Removal Equipment

When winter weather is moving in, Ventrac brine & salt spreaders are ready to help you prepare and to treat afterwards. When it comes to the snow, make sure you are ready to clean your drive and more with ease using a Ventrac snow blower or rotary broom.



Work isn’t always just on flat ground, sometimes you have to go on the hillside. When working on a slope safety should be a top priority. By adding duals to your Ventrac, you will have more stability when you have a job that needs done on a hillside.


Category 1, 3-Point Hitch Equipment

By adding a 3-Point Hitch to your Ventrac compact tractor, you unlock the ability to add a variety of different attachments to your fleet of Ventrac equipment. Whether you need to add a tiller, rear blade or landscape rake, you are able to easily with the addition of the Category 1, 3-Point Hitch.


Ventrac Sports Field Management at Koenig Equipment


Where can I find Ventrac attachments near me?

Ventrac is offered at eight of the Koenig Equipment locations. In Indiana, you can visit the Bloomington or Richmond locations. If you are in Ohio, our Botkins, Germantown, Greenville, Oxford, Tipp City and Urbana locations have Ventrac compact tractors and attachments available. With the help of an expert from Koenig Equipment, you will be ready to use your Ventrac and attachments to make all your landscaping dreams a reality.