How Can I Customize a John Deere Lawn Mower or Tractor for My Property?

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Each property is a little different, meaning there is no one-size-fits-all lawn mower or tractor package that works for everyone. With various features and attachments available for John Deere equipment, it has always been difficult to show every combination available on a website, but not with Koenig Equipment’s Build Your Own tool. With our Build Your Own tool on our website, you can design a piece of equipment as unique as your land. You know best what it takes to get the job done on your property, and now you can customize your equipment to fit your specific needs, all while seeing the price in real time.

Koenig Equipment John Deere 1025R with front forks

How can I benefit from using the Build Your Own tool to customize my John Deere equipment?

No one knows your property and needs better than you do. The Build Your Own tool puts you in the driver's seat any hour of the day. Easily preview the different size and horsepower options when looking for a compact utility tractor or see what mower works best for the acreage you mow. This easy-to-follow, step-by-step system allows you to ultimately build your new lawn mower or tractor in the comfort of your own home.


What types of John Deere lawn mowers, tractors, and zero-turn mowers are available for customization?

With Build Your Own, you can customize not only a compact utility tractor but also residential riding or zero-turn lawn mowers and commercial lawn mowers! For compact utility tractors, you can choose from any 1-4 Series model available through John Deere to customize. If you are after a commercial mower, you can customize a QuickTrak™ stand-on, walk-behind, or zero-turn model. Residential S-Series, X-Series, and Z-Series mowers are also available to customize through the Build Your Own tool.


What are some examples of equipment implements and attachments that are available for customization?

What type of equipment you are building online depends on what kind of implements and attachments you have available to choose from when customizing.


Compact Utility Tractors

When customizing a John Deere compact utility tractor, you will start by selecting which series of compact tractor you want and the model. John Deere offers compact utility tractors in 1-4 Series. From there, you will choose from various features available based on the model you select. Examples include:

  • Cab or open station. (if a cab is available for the model you choose)
  • Mid-PTO and rear SCVs.
  • Air ride seats.
  • Lighting options.
  • Attachments. (ex: mower deck, loader, backhoe, box blade, rotary cutter)


Commercial Mowers

One of the most common things to customize on a commercial mower is the size of the mower deck. Still, there are a variety of other options and attachments available that could benefit you and your property. Some of these include:

  • Striping kits.
  • Michelin X Tweel Tires.
  • Mulching kit.
  • Mulch-On-Demand.

Customer Property Being Mowed

Residential Mowers

Depending on the type of residential mower you are building, a few implements or attachments are available to customize outside of the deck size. Some of these features include:

  • Mulching kit.
  • Bagger.
  • Striping kit.
  • Front brush guard.
  • Front blade.
  • Aerator/Seeder.

Outside of the John Deere customization, you will see options for Koenig Equipment Performance Edge Maintenance Packages to include in your package price for your compact utility tractor, commercial mower, or residential mower.


Where can I find the price for the products and packages I customize with the Build Your Own tool?

As you Build Your Own lawn mower or tractor, you see the cost every step of the way. You can see the price of different features and attachments as you customize your new John Deere to ensure you stay within your target price range. Not only can you see the equipment's cost, but you also choose the down payment and financing options!


How can I complete my purchase after I’m done building my own lawn mower or tractor package?

Completing your purchase can go one of two ways once you have finished building your own John Deere residential mower, commercial mower, or compact utility tractor. You can build your equipment and submit your quote for a follow-up from one of our sales experts, or you can purchase directly online once you're satisfied with your equipment build.

If you are interested in financing, Koenig Equipment provides financing through John Deere Financial. You can apply for financing after you have completed customizing your equipment. Once you submit your application, Koenig Equipment will contact you for a follow-up to let you know if you were approved and finalize your purchase.


Where can I find my next new lawn mower or tractor?

Finding your next lawn mower or tractor from Koenig Equipment has never been easier! Not only can you shop online with Koenig Equipment for all your John Deere needs, but you can build the exact piece of equipment you are looking for as well. The Build Your Own tool puts you in the driver’s seat, any hour of the day. You can build your equipment and submit your quote for a follow-up from one of our expert sales staff, or you can purchase directly online after building.


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