The Benefits of Frontline Leadership Training at Koenig Equipment

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Frontline employees at an organization like Koenig Equipment are those that work directly with customers. They are the smiling faces and diligent workers that keep the daily operations of a business moving. At Koenig Equipment, we know how important it is to empower these employees to be able to quickly act in service to customers, without having to wait for several levels of management to answer questions. That’s why we are kicking off a new Frontline Leadership Training program for our management team this month.



What is Frontline Leadership Training at Koenig Equipment?

Frontline Leadership Training is an important part of the culture at Koenig Equipment that values ownership of responsibilities and enabling our team to do their best work. Michelle Oliver, Learning & Development Coordinator at Koenig, states that, “Frontline Leadership Training is a skills development program to assist managers in effectively leading the company’s frontline employees.” In other words, this program gives store level management the tools they need to effectively provide leadership and quality solutions with a quick turnaround.


What are the benefits of Frontline Leadership Training?

Benefits for Leaders

There are many benefits for members of the management team that come from Frontline Leadership Training. “During training, leaders are provided with guidance, knowledge and advice needed to effectively lead their teams,” Oliver says. “This is not only a confidence builder, but also helps to improve people skills for which they can use to handle tough issues and quickly provide solutions in each unique situation.” Frontline Leadership Training provides managers the opportunity to invest in themselves and their career development.


Benefits for Frontline Employees

Employees who have a manager with Frontline Leadership Training also see direct benefits. They are able to share thoughts and ideas and quickly see them implemented, making it clear that they have been heard and are a valued member of the team. They also gain knowledge from leaders that are now able to share classroom experience in daily operations. Skilled and knowledgeable managers also create a collaborative work environment that is enjoyable for employees, making Koenig Equipment a wonderful place to build a career full of advancement and learning opportunities.


Benefits for Customers

At Koenig Equipment, we know that supporting our employees translates into supporting our Customers. Through the Frontline Leadership Training, we're giving frontline leaders the tools they need to solve day-to-day problems quickly and effectively. It also gives frontline employees a direct line of communication to management on a regular basis, which allows all employees to become a voice of their customers. 


Benefits for the Entire Organization

It has been repeatedly proven that happy employees are not only productive employees, but they also tend to stay with an organization for large portions of, if not their entire, career. Providing leadership training also lets employees continue to advance and grow within the organization which just continues to spread knowledge, collaboration, and the feeling that employees are valued. This makes it possible for Koenig Equipment to not only retain quality employees but attract new ones as well.


What other training programs are available at Koenig Equipment?

In addition to Frontline Leadership Training, Koenig also provides training and career investment opportunities for all employees. Some of these training opportunities include:

  • Online courses for all employees available on-demand in our learning management system
  • Online courses for services technicians and sales team members available on-demand through John Deere University
  • Onsite classroom and hands-on training provided by Koenig’s Certified Dealer Instructor
  • And more!
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