What to do If My Lawn Mower Won’t Start

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John Deere S220 Lawn Tractor


After being in storage for the winter months, your lawn mower might not want to start at the first turn of the key. This is common, so don’t get too concerned right away. Continue reading to see what to do if your lawn mower isn’t starting for you.

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What’s the starting procedure for my lawn tractor?

The standard starting procedure for lawn tractors is rather simple and the same across most lawn mowers.

  1. Put the choke lever in the full choke position.
  2. Turn the key to crank the engine for about five seconds.
  3. If your engine hasn’t started from the above steps, let the engine rest for about 10 seconds and then crank the engine for another five seconds. If the engine sounds like it is about to start, you can crank it slightly for more than five seconds.

In addition to the above steps, if you have a riding lawn tractor, there is a seat sensor included for safety. If you are not sitting in the seat, the sensor will know, and the mower will not start. For push mowers, there is a safety handle.


John Deere Lawn Mower Broken Starter


Is the problem with the battery or with the starter?

If you are going through the proper starting procedure with your lawn tractor and it is not starting, it is time to check the battery and the starter. The best place to start with is the battery. Without enough electricity, an engine starter problem can’t be diagnosed. Check to ensure that all the connections are properly hooked up to the battery. If the lawn tractor still won’t start, you can try jump-starting it. Jump-starting your lawn tractor will rule out a weak battery. You can also utilize a voltmeter to test your battery health and strength.

After confirming your battery is not the problem, you can look towards the starter. An easy sign to see if the starter is your problem is if it makes a clicking sound when you are trying to start the lawn tractor by turning the key. If this is the case, we may recommend replacing the starter, but it will take a service appointment to correctly diagnose the issue.


Is there a difference between starting in cold weather and warm weather?

The starting procedure discussed above is the same for starting a lawn tractor in either cold or warm weather. If you are using your lawn tractor for tasks during cold winter months, make sure you are using the proper oil for the temperature. Some oils aren’t made for lower temperatures and can become thicker in the winter months, causing your equipment to not start properly. Your local technician or parts specialist can help you choose the right oil for winter weather.


Is it common to have starting problems after storage?

Starting problems with your lawn tractor can be rather common after storage. Before you put your equipment away for winter storage, be sure you are winterizing your lawn tractor properly to help reduce any starting problems in the spring. Ensuring you winterize your lawn tractor before storage will make it much easier to start up when you bring it out again.


John Deere Lawn Mower Maintenance


Where can I find lawn tractor service near me?

When it comes time to mow again, you want your lawn tractor to work properly and start easily for the upcoming season. If you get your lawn tractor out and have issues starting it, even after following the standard starting procedure and checking the battery and spark plugs, the certified team at Koenig Equipment is here to help.

With the certified service department at each Koenig Equipment location, you can rest assured knowing they will solve any issues that may arise with your lawn tractor.