How Does John Deere Operations Center Work for My Farm?

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Save Time, Reduce Costs, and Increase Yield with John Deere Operations Center

Using data to operate your farm is becoming more and more important. With tightening planting and harvest windows and ever-increasing costs of doing business, having easy access to the information that helps you make the best decisions for your business is a must. John Deere Operations Center lets you collect that data and provides tools that make it easy to analyze.


What Data Does Operations Center Provide?

John Deere Operations Center is an online farm management system that makes it simple for you to access your farm information anytime, anywhere. There are several types of data that you can access in Operations Center:

Machine Data:

By combining Operations Center with a JD Link subscription, you can automatically collect valuable machine data. This data lets you manage the health of the machines in your fleet and see how efficiently they are performing. Access data such as diagnostic codes, machine settings, attachments and implements, machine hours, machine location, and more.

Field Data:

With Operations Center it is simple for you to access and manage the data that helps you make decisions in the field. Information like seeding prescriptions, seeding rate and variety, field topography, fertilizer applications rates and variety, area worked, yield, and more are all available at your fingertips.


John Deere Operations Center


How Can Operations Center Help Me Save Time and Optimize My Yield?

John Deere Operations Center lets you access the data from anywhere so you can farm more efficiently. That means saving you time while still producing the best yields possible.

Operations Center Saves You Time:

  • Minimize field visits and constant phone calls with operators by remotely viewing in-cab displays to ensure correct equipment settings and make changes from wherever you are.
  • Don’t wonder where your machines are. View the location of your fleet on a map.
  • View flags created by operators to fix problems quickly.
  • Easily send reports to partners or landlords right from your phone.

Operations Center Helps Increase Yields:

  • Analyze and compare factors that influence yield such as seed variety, seed rate, chemical application, weather, and more.
  • View and understand trends from year to year and across each of your fields to find the inputs that produce the highest yields.

Operations Center Helps Reduce Costs:

  • Share machine data with your John Deere dealer to stay ahead of issues and reduce downtime.
  • Allow your John Deere technicians to provide remote support so they can quickly diagnose and even fix some issues without a farm visit.
  • Manage your field inputs such as seed or fertilizer rates so you don’t waste money by over-applying.


Where Can I Learn How to Use Operations Center?

Whether you are just getting started with Operations Center or are looking for some more advanced training, there are several resources available that can help you become more comfortable with the software.

How-to Videos from Koenig Precision Ag Specialists

Koenig’s Precision Ag Specialists have created multiple how-to videos to help you understand the use of Operations Center. These videos are organized into three different playlists:

John Deere Operations Center Videos

John Deere has also provided many helpful videos to get you going with Operations Center. Check out the John Deere YouTube Channel to find their Operations Center videos.

John Deere Operations Center Webpage

Learn about features of the program, recent software updates, how Operations Center can benefit you, and related products on the John Deere Operations Center Webpage.

Speak with the Koenig Precision Ag Team

The precision experts at Koenig Equipment work hard to stay on top of the latest agricultural technology so they can always be ready to help. You can contact a Koenig Precision Ag Specialist with any questions you may have. They will be happy to help get you started or work with you to dig even deeper into the data.


Where Can I Find Experts to Help Support My Operation with Precision Ag Technology?

The Precision Ag Specialists at Koenig are always ready to assist you with Operations Center or any of your precision agriculture equipment and technology needs. Call your local Koenig store and ask for your Precision Ag Specialist to get started today!