How Can a Commercial Landscaper Calculate Fuel Cost for Lawn Mowers?

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How much fuel can one lawn mower use?

The amount of fuel a lawn mower can use truly depends on how efficiently you run the mower. If you leave the mower running while you are not on it and using it, you are going to be wasting fuel. Most of our John Deere commercial mowers have an 11.5-gallon fuel tank. Different loads and operating conditions can impact fuel efficiency. Our commercial mowers will average 1.1-1.9 gallons/hour.


How does fuel efficiency impact the bottom line for landscaping businesses?

In all businesses, there are variable costs. For a landscaping business, a big one of those is fuel cost. The cost of the fuel is out of your control as a consumer. The best way to ensure you have the smallest impact on your bottom line is to make sure you have fuel-efficient lawn mowers in your fleet.


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How can I calculate the fuel cost of my fleet of lawn mowers?

Calculating the amount of fuel for your fleet of lawn mowers is rather easy when you know how efficiently your operation is running with fuel. With fuel costs varying daily, you cannot calculate your fleet’s fuel cost for the entire year at the beginning of the season though; it will have to be on more of a daily or weekly basis. 

To calculate your fuel costs, you will need to multiply the price of fuel by the number of gallons you are purchasing. After you have used the fuel from all of the tanks, you can take the combined number of mowing hours and divide it by the total cost of your fuel. This will give you the fuel cost per hour of mowing.


Where can I find fuel-efficient mowers for my growing business?

At Koenig Equipment we understand that every business purchase is an important one. We are dedicated to helping you find the correct, fuel-efficient mower as your business grows. Not only are we here to help you find the right addition to your fleet, but we are also able to help you with some great financing offers to ensure you still have the cash flow you need to continue running your business.